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Why I shouldn't shampoo and condition my hair. So unbelievably fluffy...
I'll be sure to schedule in some hair petting time when next I'm in Blighty. :)
do you know, apart from the beard, and a bit of weight, you look pretty much exactly like you did when I first knew you.
and a bit of weight is quite generous. I think I'm a clear 3 stone heavier now than I was when I left Bromsgrove!
fwiuffy llama!
for your next trick you should backcomb it.
Heh. Mine has been known to go all ringletty, too - especially if I get caught in the rain shortly after washing it. I always condition, though - otherwise it just knots ...
You call that fluffy? I was expecting a full-on afro. C'mon, I'm sure I've seen fluffier from you in the flesh!