I <3 Bad Jokes

Thinking of buying my wife an artificial leg for Christmas. Not as her main present, obviously. It's just a stocking filler (via davorg).
My work colleagues are all enjoying this joke - one is even thinking of telling his wife the same thing over dinner.

(It also led to the following exchange:

Him: What do you get the woman who has everything?
Me: Broad spectrum antibiotics?

Yes, I actually managed to use that ancient joke in cold blood!!!)
not very handy, but I suppose it could at least be foot for thought :)
My understanding is if the stare lasts for more than four hours you should consult a physician. ;)
Still, it'll be nice for Beth to receive a gift that is hip and trendy...
I'm sure she'd love it. I'm not sure I want it in my house. For one thing we don't have an appropriately situated window in which to display it.

Yes, we have already watched the movie this year, why do you ask? Netflix Watch Instantly for teh win!
My brother bought me a small version (it's still wired for the US) and it confuses anyone English who sees it since most have never seen the film.
Wow, that community is a veritable goldmine of groaners. Thank you!