Tim O'Reilly on Mac OS X: "its tendency to hide affordances that were once a joy to the advanced user"

-- I think Tim nailed it there. Moves like making the Library file hidden are there for the growing user base of non-Power Users. Making that directory not easily accessible by default means people are less likely to break things if they don't know what they're doing.

If can be unhidden if you need it regularly, or you can get to it through the Finder Go To Folder menu. I found it puzzling that it was gone, initially, but I understand that the OS X audience is broadening and that we're going to see changes because of that. I think we're going to to have to go a very long way, however, before I see Windows or Linux as a better desktop or portable option.

Closed to the meat.

So, in an effort to do something about my cholesterol I'm thinking about how to reduce my meat, dairy and egg intake as much as I can. To this end:

Dear Lazyweb,

Where is a good place for a life-long carnivore to find a gentle introduction to meat-free/vegan cooking?



Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be much appreciated.

You've got Klout.

In a recent email from Klout:

Hi adamauden,

Since you've got Klout, 20th Century Fox would like you to be one of the first to receive the movie poster for Mr. Popper's Penguins. You will also be able to watch Seaworld San Diego's penguins get the first look at the film's trailer (super cute).


P.S. We think this is a valuable perk for our users. Let us know if you have any feedback.


Podcamp Nashville 2011

Podcamp Nashville 2011

This year I'm helping out with Podcamp Nashville, an online media unconference for anyone who wants to share ideas, hear from industry leaders, and participate in discussions and demonstrations related to creating digital content. It’s a forum for bloggers, marketers, content creators, educators, social media socialites, podcasters and the like to gather, network and learn about the latest trends, tricks and technologies.

It's happening Saturday, March 26 at Cadillac Ranch (305 Broadway, Nashville, TN). There will also be an after party (details pending) so hopefully I'll see you there for a brew! :)

Going offline.

Not that LJ should notice all that much, but I'm taking a break from my online distractions as they're rather starving my attention to other things. If you want to get in touch please use email or my cell.

Regarding Women in Technology

An interesting selection of posts on Women in Technology, via Felicia Day:

and apparently Michael Arrington of Techcrunch stirred this up a while back too, although the Jolie O'Dell post was from before that.

As father to a daughter I would dearly love see go into some deeply geeky field (and thus, no doubt, will rebel and major in poetry), I find the points surrounding influence, in the formative years and from a persons peers, most interesting.